Astarte Incense

Orange oil
jasmine flowers

Burn in a room where lovers are to meet, to please the good spirits and to increase sexual awareness. Wonderful for lovers

Arthur Incense (Anna Franklin)

1 part Apple blossom
3 parts Alder wood

Arthur is considered a Celtic Sun god in some traditions

Artemis Oil

1/4 oz. Olive Oil
10 drops lemon
10 drops rose
6 drops violet
3 drops Narcissus
10 drops Ylang Ylang
3 drop Carnation
Carnation petals

Aries Incense

2 parts Frankincense
1 part Juniper
3 drops Cedarwood

Burn as a personal altar or household incense to increase your own powers.



Arabka Soundagar Incense


Burn whenever business is bad. It is said to bring luck and financial gain. Helps business and luck.

Arabian Nights Oil


Attacts many new friends. Can be depended upon to force others to find you stimulating and extremely appealing. Very good for potential lovers. (Love oil: Add to rituals, love charms, anoint hands).

Arabian Bouquet Oil

Oil of Allspice (Pimiento Oil)

A special oil designed to cleanse the spirit before calling on the good spirits. Will also protect against hexes.



Apparition Incense

3 parts wood aloe
2 parts coriander
1 part camphor
1 part mugwort
1 part flax
1 part anise
1 part cardamom
1 part chicory
1 part hemp

Burn to cause apparitions to appear, if you REALLY want this to happen.

Apollo Incense

4 parts Frankincense
2 parts Myrrh
2 parts Cinnamon
1 part Bay

Burn during divination & healing rituals.

Aphrodite Oil 3

5 drops Cypress
2 drops cinnamon
Small piece of Orris root

Aphrodite Oil 2

10 drops Gernaium Oil
10 drops lilac oil
10 drops apple blossom oil
2 pinches catnip
Pinch strawberry leaves
Nugget of Amber resin
1 dram of Almond oil

Aphrodite Oil 1

Base Oil: Apricot or Olive work best (approx 30-40 drops, depending on required strength)
12 drops of Sandalwood oil
3 drops of cinnamon oil
10 drops of patchouli oil
3 drops of vanilla oil
5 drops of rose oil
2 drops of Jasmine oil

To attract a male.

Aphrodite Incense 2

Rose petals
Copal, Dragon's Blood
Violet Oil

Aphrodite Incense 1

1 part cinnamon
1 part cedar
Few drops of Cypress or violet oil

Burn during rituals designed to attract love.

Aphrodisiac Oil 5

10 ml base oil (Apricot recommended)
Pinch Musk grains (may substitute musk oil)
1 drop Civet oil
Small amount White sandalwood chips
Small amount Red Rose Petals
Small amount Patchouli leaves
9 copper coins
3 pins
3 drops blood

Aphrodisiac Oil 4

10 drops jasmine
5 drops ylang ylang
3-5 drops patchouli
1 oz. almond oil (base)

Aphrodisiac Oil 3

Equal parts:

Ylang ylang

Aphrodisiac Oil 2

10 drops Ylang Ylang
5 drops orange
3 drops jasmine
2 drops cinnamon

Aphrodisiac Oil 1


Aphrodisiac Incense 2


Aphrodisiac Incense (Morgan) 1

3 parts Myrrh
1 part Bay Leaves
1 part Lemon Verbena
10 ml Jasmine Oil per 8 oz. dry mixture
10 ml Musk oil per 8 oz. dry mixture
10 ml Patchouli Oil per 8 oz. dry mixture

To be compounded on the night of a Full Moon, within a Magick Circle.

Aphrodisiac Bath (Cunningham)

3 parts Rose petals
2 parts Rosemary
2 parts Thyme
1 part Myrtle
1 part Jasmine flowers
1 part Acasia flowers

Add three drops musk oil to the tub. Bathe before meeting a lover, or bathe with a friend!

Anointing Oil 2

1 cup Olive Oil
1 tsp. Myrrh
1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

Add herbs to olive oil. Seal in a tight jar. Let sit for a full lunation of the Moon (28 days). Strain and use for anointing candles, or when other oils are not available or suitable.

Anointing Oil 1


Generally utilized to bless candles before they are used in a ceremony. It is said to magnetize the candle or to give them more occult strength. Can be used to wipe down an altar or a worship room. (For success. Use on candles, add to incense. Add to bath water. Dress curio bags.)

Anger Powder

Chili powder
Black Pepper

Sprinkle around a room to overcome feelings of irritation and anger. Helps avert future fights and will cleanse the mind of all evil thoughts. Helps clear the head when you are experiencing negative emotions, which can distort the outcome of your ritual.

Angel/Archangel Incense or Oil

Holy Water
Spring Water

Very potent, protects from evil spirits and overcomes hexes. Burn for general good luck.

(Angel Oil: For love anbd invoking spirit's aid.) Use the oil with pink candles to attract friendship; anoint your Astral candle for personal protection.

Ancient Wisdom Powder

Rose Scent
Cosmetic clay powder

Helps clarify muddled thinking, promotes telepathic vibratory powers. A very strong protectivepowder. Use with care. Sprinkle on magickal ingredients, rub on forehead before ritual for protections against counter forces.

Amor Oil

5 drops Orange
4 drops Almond
2 drops Cinnamon
2 drops Balm of Gilead
1 Piece of Coral

A classic New Orleans Love Recipe.

Amun-Ra Incense

4 oz. Frankincense
3 oz. Cinnamon
1 oz. Gum Mastic
2 drops Olive Oil
3 drops Rose oil
3 drops tincture of myrrh

Blend the three resins, and powder then very finely (a coffee grinder used for magickal purposes only works great. Blend theoils and add them to the resins. This should be kept in an air-tight jar in the dark for three months before use to cure.

Amber Musk Incense

Unscented cones or incense sticks
Amber oil
Musk Oil

A special mixture used for gaining control over others and to banish evil spirits.

I purchase a very good quality of fragrance oil from Save-on-Scents. They work very well when charged properly and used in magickal applications. I dip the incense sticks or cones (unscented are available at the same location linked above. Let them soak overnight, then let them dry outside in the sun for a day...then they are good to go.